Our first contest! Minecraft skins giveaway

We’re excited to announce our first contest here at JemGamerGirls.  We will be giving away Skin Pack 1 and Skin Pack 2 for Minecraft.  All you have to do is post the name of your favourite Jem and the Holograms character.  If you don’t have one, just post the name of your favourite cartoon character from the 80s.

I will pick a random winner Sunday.


EDIT:  The winner of the contest was michael.  Congrats!  Email with code has been sent.  Thanks to everyone who took part.

Minecraft Skins 2

Skin Pack 2. Badder than ever.


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35 Responses to Our first contest! Minecraft skins giveaway

  1. John S says:

    Alf is my favourite.
    Thanks for the contest!

  2. Thony says:

    Alf is my favourite to! ❤
    Thanks! 😀

  3. Gabriel Vincent says:

    thanks for contest

  4. My favorite cartoon character of the 80’s is, Garfield


  5. Tyler says:

    Donatello from the Ninja Turtles. Thanks.

  6. Cody (@Gruntykins) says:

    Donatello as well.

  7. Jakob Main says:

    Optimus Prime from Transformers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Jarrod Farr says:


  9. Gio S. says:

    Master Splinter from TMNT.

  10. SithFord says:

    He-Man for sure. 🙂

  11. Eric says:

    Alf! thanks 🙂

  12. Otanas says:

    Juliano from Rock’N’Roll Kids

  13. kytona says:

    Garfield was totally my favorite 80’s character and still is today. Thanks so much for this. Minecraft is awesome!

  14. Brenden says:

    Aja Leith of course 😀

  15. Ethan says:

    Alf c: thanks!

  16. andybam says:

    Shredder from TMNT

  17. My favorite was Jem, of course. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Caitlin says:

    Gotta go with Leonardo.

  19. Gram says:

    Jem, for sure.

  20. Got to go with Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe. Thanks for the shot

  21. Garfield, It’s hard to pick only one, but he is my choice

  22. Jon H says:

    Soundwave from Transformers!

  23. michael says:

    Presto the Magician from dungeons and dragons, he was so funny.
    thanks for the chance

  24. Bill says:

    Definitely slimmer from the real ghostbusters

  25. Martin Montiel says:

    Love me some Garfield

  26. thomas says:

    Dale from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

  27. Gracilla W. says:

    I got to go with Aja ^-^

  28. Anastasia says:

    Why Synergy of course! She was the tech and I loved the tech 😀

  29. Uplift says:

    The cute little Cat named Garfield is my pick

  30. Dustin says:

    Oculus Orbis, who didnt like collecting Madballs??

  31. Applejuice ROX says:

    Enderman is my favorite. XD

  32. greatwolf135 says:

    I liked cheetara from Thundercats.

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