New releases for the week of September 9-15, 2012

This week is actually a good week for releases.  There’s a little something for everyone.  Old school beat ‘em up fans will be excited for Majesco’s release of Double Dragon: Neon on PSN and XBLA.    Sports fans can gear up for the NHL season with NHL 13.  Music and basketball lovers may enjoy the unique NBA Baller Beats also from Majesco.   FPS fans who haven’t picked up Battlefield 3 may want to pick up the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition which includes a lot of extra and DLC for a discounted price.  Also being released this week is the next edition of the popular Tekken Tag Tournament series.  Finally XBLA will get the next installment of the Joe Danger series from developer Hello Games.

 September 11th, 2012

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

NBA Baller Beats (Xbox 360)

NHL 13 (Xbox 360, PS3)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Xbox 360, PS3)

Double Dragon: Neon (PSN)

September 12th, 2012

Double Dragon: Neon (XBLA)

September 14th, 2012

Joe Danger 2: The Movie (XBLA)


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