It’s a jungle out there so you’d better beware

Welcome to the jungle!

PopCap once again proves how they remain at the top of their game with yet another excellent puzzler.    Zuma’s Revenge, as with Zuma before it, revolves around the player shooting colored balls in groups of three or more, which explode, removing them from the screen.  When done properly, chain combos will occur and build your score to new heights.   The paradigm is pretty simple overall: once all the balls have been removed, you move onto the next level.  But that being said, Zuma’s Revenge takes things a step further.  Depending on how well you did on scoring for the level, you can earn spirit points which can be used to upgrade your abilities, ranging from extra items appearing, faster speed and a points boost.

The game starts off with you (a frog) afloat on a makeshift raft whose sail is a pair of PopCap boxers.  Your raft arrives on an island where you’re greeted by a mysterious robed figure who proffers you a challenge: fight off all his minions and discover the “real mystery of the island” (which is pretty lame and pathetic, so don’t worry about it – not worth staying in suspense over).  To do this you must battle 6 bosses across 60 levels of play, each of whom is unique and requires a special method of play to take them down.

There are a few new twists to the Zuma formula.  For example, instead of merely rotating your frog to aim the balls, you can actually jump across the screen from lily pad to lily pad in certain levels.  Boss battles require you to slide across the bottom of the screen Space Invaders style rather than being fixated in a spot at the center of the screen and spinning similar to Puzzle Bobble.

Along with the regular story mode as described above, Zuma’s Revenge offers you a few new ones to increase replay value: Iron Frog, Boss mode and a Weekly Challenge.  Weekly Challenge is just what it sounds like: a random level is chosen each week, and gamers compete online to get the best score.  Iron Frog has gamers trying to complete 10 rather difficult levels on one frog.  If you lose, you have to start the challenge over from scratch.  Boss Mode gives you a chance to play against each boss in succession, with no breaks – boss battles only, skipping the incidental levels that separate each.  Unlike Iron Frog mode, you can take as many tries as necessary to complete the challenge.

My Take:

Zuma’s Revenge is another PopCap game that is well worth the price of admission.  The game is a lot of fun and will keep you busy for hours on end.  Recommended for puzzle game fans.

Jem’s Take:

Jem's Rating

What Jem thinks of the game

It’s always good to challenge yourself and learn new ways of looking at things.  Zuma’s Revenge is a good example of how to think on your feet.  I know I’ve certainly had to do a lot of that in dealing with the Misfits!

Pizzazz’s Take:

Pizzazz's Rating

What Pizzazz thinks of the game

Blowing up things is kinda fun, even if it’s just a bunch of lame colored balls.  Forget problem solving, who needs all that brainy stuff!  I just like to barrel through and take what I want, which is why this game really pisses me off – I can’t get past the first level!  GRRRR, Eric, get that sleazebag Techrat in here, NOW!

Best Song to describe the game:  Welcome to the Jungle in Starbright Part 3: Rising Star.

Overall Score: 8.0


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